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Henry and Victoria Benach Jewish End-Time Ministries http://www.jem-missions.com/henry-benach/ 01 
John and Deborah Caudle French Speaking in Canada  02 
Bryant and Sharan Crane South Africa http://gardenroute.weebly.com/who.html 03 
Gabriel Eiben Family Micronesia http://wwntbm.com/connect/missionaries/gabriel-and-susan-eiben/ 04 
Daniel Fleming Family China  05 
Rick and Judy Hildebran Rock of Ages Prison Ministry http://roapm.com/exexcutive-staff.html 06 
Charles and Nina Hoblitz Republic of Georgia https://www.tbsbaptist.com/ 07 
Leon and Kay Johnson Rio Grande Valley https://www.facebook.com/leon.johnson.526 08 
Robert and Damaris Lankford Brazil https://www.facebook.com/bobanddamarislankford/ 09 
Jonathan Lyons Family Baptist Missions to Forgotten Peoples https://sites.google.com/site/jonrachlyons/home 10 
A.D. and Anne Matthew India  11 
Moirangthem Ibohanbi Meetei Family India  12 
Tea and Rebecca Miyashita Japan https://www.landmarkbcshelby.com/missionaries 13 
Steve Olmstead Jews in New Mexico http://stevenjolmstead.blogspot.com/ 14 
Matt and Diane Olsen U.S. Military in Italy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-ooO-bdfKI 15 
Mike Overton Bolivia https://aaibm.org/ 16 
Kipp Rayfield Family  Brazil http://www.bwmom.org/index.php/missionaries 17 
Don and Mary Rowland Retired  18 
Steve and Kathy Stone Canada http://www.bimi.org/content/abStone.php 19 
Don Waite Family Slovakia https://www.bmm.org/country/slovakia/ 21 
Tom Wallace Missions to Muslims https://www.facebook.com/tom.wallace.16144 22 
Dana and Esther Williams Evangelist http://www.evangelistdanawilliams.com/ 23 
Pat Wimer Retired  24 
Baptist International Missions  http://www.bimi.org/ 31 
Baptist Mid-Missions  https://www.bmm.org/ 32 
Focus on the Family  http://www.focusonthefamily.com/ 33 
Gideons International  https://www2.gideons.org/ 34 
International Board of Jewish Missions  http://www.ibjm.org/ 35 
Our Daily Bread Ministries  https://odb.org/ 36 
Russian Bible Society  https://russianbiblesociety.com/about-us/ 37 
Tabernacle Children's Home  https://tabernaclechildrenshome.org/ 38 
Showing 31 items